Lucky Number 13 – or is it?

This is a short story about a red herring. A wild goose chase. At least I think it is. It’s about me and one of my first visits to Rosoman Street. Knowing that #13 Rosoman Street was an address that the Coopers had lived at about 1840, I thought I’d have a look around. I was rather surprised to actually find what appeared to be the address. The green fronted building with the blue balloons hanging from the door is #13 Amwell Street, but this used to be Rosoman Street. So, does that mean this place was once #13 Rosoman Street?

9-13 Rosoman,2


13 Rosoman 72

I made a couple of visits to this address. In 2014, I went back to get some photos of me outside.


IMG_7320, 72

The funny thing was, that silver car there. It was a quiet Sunday morning and that car was the only car parked on that side of the street – it was right in the way. It was almost as if it was saying ‘no, you don’t want this photo!’

So yes, I’m standing on what was once Rosoman Street. I’m outside #13. But this wasn’t #13 Rosoman Street. At least, I no longer think it was. I now believe the numbering system started down on the southern end of Lower Rosoman Street and worked its way up to here. This area seems to have been known as Upper Rosoman Street. I may be wrong, but I’ve since established that #13 Lower Rosoman Street is back down the road, and there’s nothing left there. There was never a #13 Upper Rosoman Street. When this portion of the street was renamed Amwell Street, the new numbering started just down from here. But I’ll hold on to these photos, just in case…


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