Famous, Well Known (maybe even Infamous) Coopers Who I AM NOT Related To…

Obviously, I don’t expect every, or even any, famous or well known Cooper to be related to me, or me to them. But it’s fun to investigate all the same. Who knows, I may be surprised one day.

Anyway, these Coopers aren’t in my family tree… (at least, not yet)

Henry Cooper, Boxer – I originally thought of the very slim chance of Henry turning up in my tree for a couple of reasons. He was a Londoner, as were my Coopers originally, and he was called Henry, which is a name that appears in my Cooper family tree a lot. So I traced his tree. Henry’s father was from Southwark, his grandfather was from Essex, but his great grandfather and further generations were from Hampshire, so there appears to be no link between these Cooper families that I can see.

Bradley Cooper , Actor – I haven’t looked at Bradley’s lineage yet, but I believe his father or grandfather was an Irish immigrant. Having recently found that my DNA is 37% Irish, who knows what will turn up?

Alice Cooper, Musician – Alice Cooper isn’t his real name, so, no chance!

Tommy Cooper, Comedian – I investigated Tommy’s tree, and I believe he was born in Wales, although I think Tommy himself lived in London.

William Cooper, AKA the Hackney Monster. – This chappy is under investigation. I have no reason to believe that I am related, but the fact that he has a first name of William, which is a common family name in my line and he lived in the same locale (Hackney, London) at about the same time (early 1800’s) as some of my Coopers has made me curious.


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